Sun N Shade Resort Matheran Mumbai

Sun N Shade Resort Matheran
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An exclusive and private weekend getaway near Mumbai, located in Matheran, Maharashtra, a mere 2 hours drive from Mumbai city, will transport you to a completely different tranquil world. At this exclusive family getaway you can relax, rejuvenate, recharge & reconnect with your body, mind and soul. You are assured of the most relaxing break at our private family getaway near Mumbai.

Take deep breaths of the pure fresh air of the countryside. Imagine having the mountains. the green fields and the open country space all to yourself at our Sun N Shade resort. Take a walk in the midst or explore the beauty of Nature. You can also experience the pleasure of viewing the sun taking a leave from his work after a day long warming you called THE SUNSET.

Take a dip into private pool at your private weekend getwawy near Mumbai Matheran. The kids will have a wonderful time and might need some persuasation to step out of the pool.Sit back and read your much loved book in the airy gazebo or even write one if you are looking for that solitude to have the creative juices flowing. Reminisce about the old times with your family and friends and watch those memories come alive at your own weekend getaway near Mumbai. The time spent here is gauranreed to give you life long memories and bonding with the persons you spend time at this Sun N Shade resort.

An exquisite eco friendly jungle getaway in the heart Matheran Mumbai. Wrapped in the lush embrace of a tropical rainforest, you will dwell in perfect harmony with nature, pristine and waiting to be explored. Allow yourself to be seduced by the orchestration of delicate, subtle sounds accompanying nature's theatre. Quietly elegant and exclusive, the Sun N Shade Resort is a state of mind with breathtaking vistas.

At Sun N Shade resort you set the pace for yourself. You can give your body systems a complete rest or set an exciting pace to explore the many unexplored attractions nearby.



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